Meeting your special needs through compounding...

Not everyone responds the same to medications. Patients have unique needs and may not respond to traditional therapy, or are unable to tolerate commercially available medication. Our pharmacists are specially trained in compounding to help these patients. Our pharmacists work together with the patient and health care practitioner to provide individual solutions for our patients.

Meeting Special Needs

Change in dosage form. For example, a patient who is unable to swallow a tablet may prefer a lozenge, lollipop, liquid preparation, cream, etc.
Alternative route of administration to decrease the incidence of side effects.
Elimination of sugar, dyes, flavors, preservatives and other excipients if you have allergies or cannot tolerate them.
Combination of multiple medications into a single preparation for more convenient use and improve compliance.
Optimal dose to achieve desired goals of therapy and eliminate unnecessary waste and expense.

Can any pharmacy compound?

Preparation of these specialized medications requires chemicals and equipment that are not available in most pharmacies. Our compounding specialists have received extensive additional training in compounding techniques. We have a support network that generates a constant exchange of ideas, innovations & techniques, & includes several Ph.D. chemists & pharmacists who can research the feasibility of new formulations.

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